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Who we are

We are a team of change-makers who believe that every helping hand can raise a child and create a better future for them.
We started extending help to needy children and youth who were eager to study and work for a better life. This moment intensified when we found that there were many such underprivileged children who needed help with food, shelter and education. Our team expanded and we spread out in different regions to make sure we cover all possible areas and help as many children as possible.
We now run shelter homes, schools and a reasonable mess that helps such needy young people. We also have our helpline offices spread throughout the country so one can approach us anytime they need help.
Legal Counsel​

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NDRO counsellors
Dr Jo Stephens

Dr Jo Stephens is an Australian registered counsellor and registered paramedic.  She has 30 years experience as a health professional in a myriad of clinical, managerial, educational, and academic roles.  She has been a paramedic and nurse, practicing in remote, rural, regional towns and metropolitan areas of Queensland.

Jo is now an Adjunct Senior Lecturer with Queensland University of Technology, and practices as a registered counsellor in her own private counselling practice in Brisbane and in the not-for-profit sector, supporting regional and rural communities. 

She has a particular interest in working with people on the autism spectrum, people with disability and their families.  She also supports paramedics, police, nursing and allied health professionals seeking counselling and reflective practice support.

More information on Dr Stephens can be found at her website –

Tina Myrteza

Tina Myrteza is a 30 year veteran of the Queensland Catholic primary school education system.

In this teaching capacity Tina was increasingly called upon to personally counsel many students experiencing difficulties in their lives. She has since made the decision to retire from teaching and devote her energies to full-time counselling.

She trained as a counsellor and formed her own business and she is now an in-demand counsellor doing what she loves, helping young people find their way through the sometimes foggy path of life.

Tina holds membership with the Australian Counselling Association and the Queensland Guidance Counselling Association.

More information on Tina can be found at her website –

Liz Tully

Liz Tully is a Workplace Mental Health expert who specialises in delivering Mental Health First Aid certifications within group settings.

With an extensive background in human resource management working for large corporate organisations, Liz has first-hand experience of the daily dynamics of vibrant workspaces.

Her expertise and experiences have imbued her with the passion to share her insights with groups of employees and employers.

Mental health awareness is at the heart of her training and her primary goal is to teach people what to look for and how to interact with colleagues.

In the disaster relief space, Liz works with businesses, community groups and councils.

More information on Liz can be found at her website –

NDRO business coaches
Tony Meredith

Tony Meredith is an award winning and highly sought after business coach who brings his expertise and knowledge to assist businesses with the painful task of re-establishing their business processes and systems after natural disaster events.

Tony has spent over 25 years working in senior roles for some of the world’s largest organisations. He has extensive sales, marketing, and leadership experience, and works with clients in multiple channels, including FMCG, pharmacy, retail, food service, services, franchising, and manufacturing.

Tony has qualifications in commerce, marketing, human resources management, leadership, mindset, and neuro linguistic programming, and is able to couple this with real world business coaching experience to ensure outstanding results for clients.

More information on Tony can be found at his website –