NDRO Changing Lives

NDRO Changing Lives

The National Disaster Recovery Organisation (NDRO) is an ACNC registered Australian Charity,
Public Benevolent Institution and Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) This means that your donations are fully tax deductible.
Here are just a few of the innovative, life changing programmes under development at the NDRO.


Community Protection Officers

Every disaster mostly brings out the best in communities, with neighbours and volunteers digging deep to give practical and financial help in any way they can.
Unfortunately, there are some people who choose to attack impacted communities when they are at their most vulnerable.
Looters are a scourge on society and it beggars belief that anyone could be so selfish and heartless to steal property during times of calamity and trauma.
The NDRO’s Community Protection Officer programme is designed to deter and prevent looting in disaster declared areas.
Survivors have been traumatised enough by the disaster without further being assaulted by unscrupulous criminals.
We view the deployment of Community Protection Officers as the first stage in the healing process for survivors of disaster events.


Revitalisation Home Parks

Plans are underway to develop and maintain specialised Holiday/Revitalisation Home Parks.
These parks are unique and ethical property investments catering to survivors of disaster events.
These parks will be located throughout Australia in traditional holiday locations in regional and coastal areas that are typically tranquil, calm, relaxing and beautiful.
The parks are a safe space for disaster survivors to relax, recharge and regroup with a range of specialised services designed to support people traumatised by disaster events.


Permanent Emergency Communications Onsite (PECO)

This programme aims to deliver permanent disaster proof power and communications systems into Local Government areas throughout Australia.
The programmes combine Solar Panel installations, Long-life Vanadium Redox Flow batteries coupled with a variety of backup power solutions to ensure uninterrupted power supplies under all extreme conditions.
Installations can also be used for low-cost electricity usage for commercial businesses in Strip malls or Industrial Parks, Local government administrations and Public/Private Health facilities with the In- built communications systems allowing for quick start-up and functionality during disaster events.


Resurgent Workforce

Most businesses impacted by disaster events face a long battle to re-establish themselves. Infrastructure damage can be extensive and the road to recovery can be stalled for weeks and months in some cases.
The NDRO is developing the Resurgent Workforce programme to assist businesses recover sooner from the impact of a disaster.
The programme will deploy teams of specialised staff reinforcements with experience in all areas of business and commerce.
While your regular staff may be unable to attend work because they are cleaning up their own damaged properties, the NDRO will provide experienced workers to fill in and help your business get back on its feet as quickly as possible.